As you will be aware, there is a music event being held today at Crystal Lakes between the hours of 11:00 and midnight.

Last year there were many complaints about the sound levels and this year both HDC Licensing and Environmental Health departments have been liaising with the Organisers in an attempt to reduce the nuisance to both Fenstanton residents and those in adjacent villages. The Organisers have willingly agreed to do everything they can to minimise disturbance to the parish whilst at the same time,  providing their customers with a good experience.

A notice was placed on Facebook by the Organisers providing a telephone number for people to call if they are concerned.  However, Facebook is not the definitive method of communication and a great number of parishioners, especially the elderly, do not have internet access and certainly will not be aware of the event until today.

The Environmental Health Officer at HDC responsible for liaising with the Organisers has asked that the contact number is repeated so that it is in current view today.

Organiser’s Contact Number:   07940 905791 and will be operational between 10am and midnight today [1st July]

Complaints to HDC:

HDC has also asked that anyone who has a reasonable complaint should contact the Licencing department.  As mentioned above, there may be many who do not have internet access, so could I suggest that someone emails on their behalf, providing whatever details they wish?

So that complaints can be co-ordinated and then forwarded to HDC could they be sent to   [email protected]