BBC programme to reveal Fenstanton’s archaeological discoveries

Some may remember attending the  Recent Archaeological Discoveries Exhibition  on the 13th December 2017.      [ see poster ]

A most impressive array of artifacts was on display and the County Archaeologist together with the head of Albion, the specialist archaeologists who conducted the large-scale excavation, gave a joint presentation.

Reconstruction of Fenstanton crucifixion victim
Reconstruction of Fenstanton crucifixion victim

During the informative session, there was much alluded to, but for security reasons, they were unable to reveal details at that time. Also during the session is was announced that “ the future, the BBC will be producing a programme about it“.

The extent of the discoveries were made public in December 2021 – which in archaeological terms, were quite outstanding and of immense national historical importance

Crucifixion nail in heel after washing found in Fenstanton
Crucifixion nail in heel after washing found in Fenstanton


[ See

10 Dec 2021: Roman crucifixion burial at Fenstanton in Cambridgeshire  and

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Now it can be revealed:

The Cambridgeshire Crucifixion”  to be first transmitted Wednesday 10th January 2024  9.00pm  BBC4

A routine archaeological dig in Fenstanton reveals an incredible number of Roman remains,  with one of the skeletons discovered to have a nail through the heel bone. This was to be confirmed as a Roman crucifixion – the first discovered in Britain.

Dr Corinne Duhig investigates the evidence and performs CT scans as well as DNA and isotope analysis of the skeleton – an autopsy of the remains.  Joe Mullins carries out a full forensic facial reconstruction.