Parish Council

There are currently thirteen seats on the Parish Council and the term of office is four years.

Where there are fewer than thirteen Members, interested persons are co-opted on to the Council.  Elections are only called where the number of persons wishing to stand exceed the prescribed number.

It should always be remembered that Parish Councillors are unpaid volunteers who generously give up their time to represent the best interests of parishioners in an even-handed manner.  Their remit and powers are very limited and should not be confused with matters which only District or County Councils are empowered to manage.

Parish Council meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month except August and December in the Primary School. Meetings are advertised on Parish Council notice boards and website. The public are invited to attend.


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A short report of each meeting is given in Spectrum, and the formal minutes of each meeting are presented at the next full meeting.

Parish Boundary Map showing Wards

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