Welcome to the official Fenstanton website!

This site is owned and funded privately and has been operational in various forms since its inception in the mid 90s .  The purpose is to serve as a focus for the community and a reference source for historical material as it is acquired.

Most importantly and looking to the present – the vibrancy of this site relies upon information from Users and Parishioners so if you have any community matters that you wish to share, please contact by email.

Also we seldom hear of information which has become outdated, so if you spot something, please let us know!

Over the past twenty plus years an immense amount of historical and social material has been acquired and it is intended to integrate this for future reference. If anyone has material they think will be of interest please get in touch.

The principal domain for this site is now www.fenstanton.org and it currently operates on servers based in a new data centre in Worcester and also here in Fenstanton. For nearly twenty five years www.fenstanton-village.co.uk was the parent domain but this has now been relegated to a secondary status because a shorter domain is more convenient for Users to remember plus it reflects the role of the site.

www.fenstanton-village.co.uk and www.fenstanton.org.uk both redirect all traffic to this core site

Copyright & Intellectual Property Rights
I would ask anyone wishing to use information or imagery from this site to please respect the intellectual property rights and to adhere to the convention of crediting the source. Some material may be subject to copyright ownership elsewhere so please ask if in doubt.

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