Parish Assets

There is often confusion as to which properties or areas are the direct responsibility of Fenstanton Parish Council, and below is a listing of all assets belonging to the parish and directly managed by them.

Management, maintenance and repair of these is funded either from the Precept or from bequests generously made in the past by parishioners.

Clock Tower
Village Sign
Village Pond
Cemetery [not the Churchyard]
Clock Tower, Chequer Street, Chapel & Honey Hill Greens
Chequer Street Play Area & Car Park
Hampton Close Open Space
Headlands Play Area
Maytrees Open Space
Pitfield Close Open Space

For the avoidance of doubt, no other organisations within the parish have any relationship with the Parish Council. They are managed, operated and funded independently. These include;

Fenstanton Football Field, which is the privately-owned asset of Fenstanton Football Club who allow parishioners to use it for all leisure activities other than dog-walking, based on an annually renewable arrangement with the Parish Council.
Fenstanton Village Hall – a totally independent charity.
Literary Institute – also an independent charity.
All other charities operating within the parish.