28 December – Weekly Police Update – Fenstanton

Good Afternoon, Fenstanton District Members –

It has been a very difficult week for lots of people, with flooding across the district bringing misery to many families, and the revised Covid-19 regulations reducing the amount of social interaction we are allowed. But in the true spirit of Christmas, the community has come together and there have been some really uplifting stories of people supporting and looking out for each other, and help from the emergency and support services.

Covid-19 Tier 4 Restrictions:

As you will now know, the whole of Cambridgeshire has now been placed into Tier 4 restrictions. This means that we have to stay at home as much as possible and not meet with anybody indoors unless they live with us or are part of our support bubble. Outdoors, we are only allowed to meet with one person from another household.

Full details are on the Government web-site:


Meanwhile, here is our weekly summary of offences and incidents affecting your community, reported to police during the period 20th to 27th December:

Headlands – On Tuesday evening, 22nd December, police received a report of a suspicious vehicle seen driving slowly around the estate, stopping outside dark houses and the occupants shining torches into gardens and windows. A police patrol was dispatched to search the area, but unfortunately no trace of the suspect vehicle could be found. (Ref CC-22122020-0407)

Headlands – The garage of a house on Headlands was broken into on Wednesday evening, 23rd December. The intruder forced the lock to get inside, and also interfered with a window in the garage and moved items inside around, but nothing is thought to have been stolen. (Ref 35/86756/20)

Low Road – Police and the Highways Department closed entry to Low Road at both ends on Thursday afternoon, 24th December, following inundation by flood waters. One car was abandoned in the flood water, and was later towed away by recovery services. (Ref CC-24122020-0395)

Hilton Road, Fenstanton – Police closed Hilton Road on Thursday evening, 24th December, after flood water over two feet deep made it too dangerous for traffic to be allowed to pass through. Warning signs and cones were also put out on Connington Road which also had some flooding. (Ref CC-24122020-0559)