Street names in Fenstanton

The following transcription is taken from a note submitted by  Jack Dady to Fenstanton Parish Council


Two old maps have been examined In the offices of Hunts C. C. archives as follows:

1:  The 1770 map of Fenstanton Green and surrounding meadows prepared for Lancelot (Capability) Brown, Lord of the Manor.

This shows two names for our area. The Cambridge Road end was called SIMMER HEADLAND FIELD.

The half furthest from the Cambridge Road was CHURCH FIELD in which area also appear the following names: TYTHE BARN, DOVE CLOSE and FOUR ACRE PIECE.

Further over still was SCORNEY MEADOW.

Towards Fen Drayton, the other side af the brook, were areas called  THE SALLOWS and LITTLE MOOR.

2: Map and deeds of the enclosure awards dated 1807/1810.

The deed refers to the area by the one name – CHURCH FIELDS.

The major portion (176 acres) was awarded to John Brown, who appeared to be the biggest landowner in the village at that time; it is possible that he was the son of Lancelot.

Adjacent to the Cambridge Road and concerning the very area now being built over, a small piece of Church Fields was divided into three and awarded to George Bates, John Gilbert and James Orage.


Considering a theme for names on this estate, the two old maps of the village were examined as attached.  The Parish Council recommend that names appearing in this report, or variations thereof, should be used.

Specifically, it was decided to recommend that the main road running through the estate should be named HEADLANDS and that the two established spur roads be SIMMER PIECE and TYTHE PIECE, respectively.

The Parish Council are grateful to St, Ives R.D.Council for the opportunity of making the above suggestions and trust that it will be given the opportunity of making further suggestions as the occasion arises.