Parish Schools in 1891 & 1892



“The following is the report of Her Majesty’s Inspector, Mr. Wicks, upon our Parish Schools:–

The general neatness, accuracy and intelligence of the elementary work justify the recommendation of the higher grant ( though some improvement is required in the arithmetic of the fourth, sixth and seventh standards, in problems and long additions). Drill and recitation are very creditable and elementary science has been taught as to be of real educational value to the children. The discipline and tone are exceedingly good, the premises and apparatus are a model of neatness and orderly arrangement and the school has been most thoroughly and conscientiously taught by a master who has his heart in his work. Sewing is good.

Infants’ Class — The infants are in very good order and their progress is decidedly satisfactory. Drill and recitation are very creditable,
the object lessons are careful and effective and singing, sewing and the elementary work are good though the teaching of arithmetic should

In 1892

” — the School has this year exceeded the most sanguine expectations

This is what the Inspector says

In spite of a somewhat weak staff this school well maintains its reputation far high tone and for general excellence of work. The Reading and Recitation are good in style and intelligence and the admirably written work shows weakness only in the Third Standard.

The children are commendably expert with long additions. In geography Elementary Science full and intelligent knowledge is shown, the teaching of the latter subject being greatly aided by an excellent museum of suitable objects. The smart and effective musical drill, the bright and tuneful singing and the Needlework Garments and exercises deserve special praise.

Infants’ Class – The praiseworthy points of this division are the smart Drill, the bright Singing the really admirable Recitation, the Handwriting and Needlework and the intelligent answering in Object Lessons, Reading however still lacks expression and proper phrasing.

Arithmetic shows little intelligence and in the Third Class the standard of attainment is too low. A more varied routine is desirable.

A lobby for cloaks and hats is greatly needed and a fire-guard should be provided.”