Fenstanton in 1977

Taken from a local newspaper reporting on current events in Fenstanton May 1977 – in the days when newspaper reporters really did make an effort.

Parochial Church meeting — The annual meeting of the church council and Easter ves­try took place in the Church centre with the Rev W N C Girard presiding and a number of church members present. Mr D Kynaston and Mr W J Tack were re-elected as churchwardens.

The vicar stated that the parochial church council con­sisted of the vicar, wardens, synod representatives, lay read­ers and 12 elected members. This included: Mr K Page, Mrs Williams. Mrs Kynaston, Mr R Evans, Mrs Turner, Mr Fuller, Mr Houghton, Mr Marshall, Mrs Papworth, Mrs Woodhead, Mrs Ward. The sidesmen who served last year were re-elected en bloc. Mr E Mott again agreed to carry out the duties of arrang­ing the electoral roll. During the past year the PCC met six times with an 85% attendance.

Mr R Webster presented the financial report, which showed a balance at the bank of £ 100 in the general account and of £1,303 in the restoration account. It is estimated that the cost of the organ restoration which is being car­ried out this year will be in the nature of £2,000. Mr Kynaston thanked Mr Webster for his work, and Mr J Gorman, who audited the accounts, New choir stalls had been installed in the chancel. These had been given from St Neots church. New bell ropes were on order.

An appli­cation for a faculty for various work to be done had been made, including placing the clock from Papworth St Agnes church in the tower, moving partitions at the back of the church and. replacing some flooring where wood had deteriorated. In his report, the vicar stated that the church cannot exist without the lay people. He said how much both he and the congregation missed the late Mr Hollier, who had been a lay reader for Fenstanton. He was very grateful to the Rev Christopher Fenton, who helped with various ser­vices in the church, and also to Mr A Dunn.

He remarked that the Rev D Brown, who was retiring from Hemingford Grey church, was coming to live in Fenstanton and would no doubt be of great help. The church had most amicable relations with the Fenstanton U R church.

He thanked the people for their help in many ways and commended to their care Mrs Castle, who has now moved into the vicar­age.

Reports were given by var­ious branches of the church; on the Deanery Synod, Mr E Mott; the Mothers’ Union, Mrs Papworth: Stewardship Group, Mr R Evans; Church Centre, Mr Kynaston, who reported a bal­ance in hand and the centre was fully booked.

The organist and choirmaster. Mr Keith Page, said the number of children who had joined the choir recently were adding an extra element to the choir, they would be going to the choir festival at Ely with  other members.

Jubilee — During the week three events have been organised to raise money towards the village silver jubilee celebrations.

A Tupperware demonstration organised in the Church Centre by Mrs J Ding was well attended last Wednes­day.

A cake and provision stall on the Clock Tower green, arranged and manned by various women’s organisations in the village, including the Wl, Mothers’ Union, Monday club, etc, took place on Saturday morning and in the evening there was an auction sale of goods of all kinds in the village hall, organised by Mr Russell.

Cards — At the whist drive in the Church Centre on Friday, in aid of the church restoration funds, Mr H Hodge was MC and the winners were: Mrs Ford, Mrs E Smith, Mrs Birkett. Mr Rainsbury, Mr Potten. Mrs Harding: lowest, Mrs Harding. Mrs Hart: longest sit­ters, Mrs Read. Mr Harding: miniature, Mrs Burgess. Mr Hodge: competition, Mrs Jones. Mr Ford.

Special Council — At a special meeting of the Parish Council, members met Fenstanton Community Action Group to discuss details of the proposed A604 Fenstanton by-pass.

A member of the group predicted an increase of 75% traffic increase along the A604. By the closure of side roads an increase of probably over 600 more jour­neys by bus traffic would have to be made. As the existing by-pass was then intended to be a one ­way road there would be great difficulty for buses from Cam­bridge to Peterborough, as it would then be impossible to turn round. Fares would have to be greatly increased owing to the extra journeys that would have to be made.

Mr Lee, of Whippet Bus Co, said it would be impos­sible to turn at the Clock Tower with a bus if there w ere any cars parked there, as there usually were. It was suggested that it would be better to concentrate on the side roads closure orders and show the objections.

Another important factor to the proposed road would be the noise, from the proposed fly over. It was suggested that the county surveyor be asked for a traffic census on the A604 now through Fenstanton. and several present agreed to help in taking a census. Mr W F Robbins, chairman, suggested asking Fendrayton Parish Council to join in the inquiry, and to ask Eastern Counties Bus Co to attend the next meeting. Sir David Renton has promised to meet the parish council to dis­cuss the protest on a Saturday morning.

It was agreed to have another special meeting on May 18th. Volunteers from the vil­lage are wanted to help with a traffic census, also in any other capacity to fight the question of the proposed new by-pass, which could be detrimental to the village in many ways.