Fenstanton Crime Report – 11 Jan 2018

Fenstanton Crime Report – for Parish Council Full Meeting 11.1.18 from Sergeant Andrew Street

1st October 2017 to 11th January 2018

Crimes of note:

5/1/18 Lakes Business Park – Three cars at a sales yard were set alight.

31/12/17 Headlands – A front door was kicked causing damage.

18/12/17 Elizabeth Ct – A house was broken into during the evening whilst the occupiers were out, cash was stolen.

18/12/17 Chequers Cl – Door mirror and headlamp of a parked car were damaged.

13/12/17 Low Rd – The offender reversed his vehicle into the vehicle behind during a road rage incident.

10/12/17 Chequers Cl – Front and rear number plates stolen from a parked van.

29/11/17 Low Rd – A car trailer was stolen from a field.

26/11/17 Apple Tree Close – House broken into during the evening, jewellery stolen.

16/11/17 High St – Two offenders stole five bottles of champagne from a shop.

31/10/17 Dove Close – A person was knocked over by two out of control dogs.

18/10/17 Oaklands – Scrap metal stolen from a back garden.

15/10/17 Low Road – A caravan was broken into, items stolen.

17/10/17 Chequer St – A van was stolen from outside of an address, it was found in Hilton.

4/10/17 The paintwork of a parked car was damaged by an unknown person.

There was one domestic assault recorded during this period.


5/12/17 Chequer St – Police received a report of cars and occupants causing a nuisance during the evenings. Patrols carried out and letters sent to vehicle owners. No further complaints.


27/12/17 Cambridge Rd – A car was seized by police for being driven with no insurance.

22/11/17 A14 – A car was seized by police for being driven with no insurance.