Agenda – Full Council Meeting 14 March 2019

Notice of Meeting
I hereby give notice that the next meeting of the FULL COUNCIL will be held
at Fenstanton and Hilton Primary School, School Lane on Thursday 14 March 2019 at 19.30
The Public and Press are cordially invited to be present.
All members of the committee are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving the business to be transacted at the meeting as set out hereunder.

Miss Annette Eggett (Clerk & RFO)
2B New Road, St Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 5BG
Telephone (01480) 465300 Email: [email protected]
8 March 2019

Please note that PS Alice Draper will be in attendance for 19.143; Sara Partridge and Sharon Walker from Hilton Parish Council will be observing at their request.

19.138 Apologies for Absence
19.139 Public Consultation
The Chairman will close the meeting if required.
19.140 Declarations of Interest
19.141 To Approve the Minutes 21 February 2019 already circulated – Appendix 1
19.142 Matters arising from the Minutes – for information only

19.143 Antisocial Behavior within the Parish – PS Alice Draper – Appendix 2 Police Report
To discuss with PS Alice Draper

19.144 Reports – depending on attendance
19.144.1 District Councillors
19.144.2 County Councillor
19.144.3 Parish Councillors

19.145 Fenstanton Village Hall Trust (FVHT) – garage sale
To approve FVHT request to hold the annual Village Garage Sale on Sunday, 12th May, from 9am to 1pm using the Clock Tower as a base.

19.146 Fenstanton Hobby Day
To approve request to hold village Hobby Day at the URC green on 14 September.

19.147 Focus Groups / Communications strategy– top line feedback – Cllrs Mitchell and Ferrier

19.148 Village Meeting Feedback – Cllrs Mitchell and Ferrier – Appendix 3

19.149 Assets of Community Value – Cllr Mitchell
Initial thoughts on what should be included.

19.150 London Road speed limits – Cllr Saunderson

19.151 MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) – Cllr Caswell
To receive an update and discuss.

19.152 CIL updates and decisions (Cllr Mitchell)

19.153 Development of FPC strategic plan – Cllr Mitchell

19.154 CIL update – Cllr Mitchell

19.155 FINANCE
General Monthly Finance
19.155.1 To note finance updates – Appendix 4
19.155.2 To approve payments.
19.155.3 To approve the transfer of funds if necessary.

19.156 Huntingdon Neighbourhood Plan – submission response required 26.3.19
Reminder for comments

19.157 To accept notices and matters for the next agenda
No decisions can lawfully be made under this item. LGA 1972 s12 10(2) (b) states that business must be specified. To note any items for the next agenda.

19.158 Parish matters to note